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Hot Pepper Tasting

Aji Charapita Chile

Aji Lemon Drop Chile

MOA Scotch Bonnet Chile

Tiger Jalapeno Pepper

Tiger Jalapeno Pepper

Peachadew Chili Pepper

Buena Mulata Pepper

Wiri Wiri Chile

Sugar Rush Stripey Chile

Aji Margariteno Chile

Numes Lota Lotein Chile

Fatali Hot Pepper

Chocolate Habanero

Scotch Brain Chile

Bahamian Goat Pepper

Death Spiral Chile

hot pepper on fork.jpg

Dragon's Breath Chile 

Moruga Scorpion

Bhut Jolokia - Ghost Chili

Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion Chile

Yellow Fever Chile

Chocolate Bhutlah Chili

7 Pot Bubblegum Chile

Chocolate Reaper Chile


Taste all or just a few for $10.   Any participant who tastes all of the peppers and makes it to the end of the tasting line will receive a gold medal on a blue ribbon.  This activity is for adults over the age of 18. 

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